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In the Vintage Speargun section we examined the evolution of speargun development partially to better understand the design aspects of contemporary cutting edge spearguns. In this Contemporary section we take this constructive use of diving history to another level. In the same detailed manner we examined the vintage spearguns, we take an up close look at as many contemporary spearguns as possible.

Data for the Contemporary Speargun section is in the form of patents, advertisements and articles among other sources; however in this section we have the added benefit of "User Comments". If you or someone you know would like to contribute to this resource click "Add Comment", fill in the blanks and click "Submit Query" to submit your comment or request the addition of a speargun you would like to share, or use "Contact Us" from the main menu. You will receive a response from the team explaining the process for submitting your photos and or data.

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It is our goal to provide a constructive resource; to that end we will not allow the use of vulgarity or any other language inappropriate for a public forum. If you had a negative experience with a particular speargun, many people will find a detailed explanation to be very helpful. Comments which do not involve defamation or slander, are welcome conversely, positive comments are encouraged.


Cobrasub Comanche Brazile

Daryl Wong Guns

Das Gun, for 1000-lb. + fish

Derek Stavenger built WSB Gun

Esclapez Champion Du Munde

Esclapez Imersion 110 cm gun

Heinrich Tuna Gun

KES 110

Labrax 90

Omer Cobra 100

Omer Master America

Prizm 1983

Riffe Purple Heart Gun


Teak Sea 110

Technisub Ranger

Tito Gun 100

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