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Primitive Spearguns
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Primitive does not necessarily imply oldest. Primitive spearguns evoke romantic notions of how one might provide food in a situation where no other means were available. As you will see, with the most basic of materials, the possibility exists to make a device that can secure fish as food.

Examples in this PRIMITIVE section provide a glimpse of the possible genesis of speargun technology. While their craftsmanship may be considered primitive compared to industrially produced spearguns of today, they still utilize ingenious design elements relevant to available materials.

Note that while the speargun from Timor, Sumba may be one of the oldest known spearguns actual age verification is still being researched. The Timor speargun was originally collected over thirty years ago and at that time was considered very old. It is a very interesting specimen.

No representation is made as to the age of examples in this section. The purpose of this section is to provide examples, which exhibit how spearguns may have originated.

Here are our first two examples:   (click on photo for details)

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