Skin Diving History


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1956 COLD WATER DIVERS TAKE NOTICE Announcing a new low price for DOLPHIN EXPOSURE SUITS now being sold factory direct only, to our diving customers. We will maintain the quality and workmanship found for the past four years. in Dolphin suits. At $39.95, we feel an exceptional value is being offered to the diving public. ANNOUNCING! For the "Do-It-Yourself" guys and dolls. Dolphin is offering a kit suit in the famous Dolphin pattern available factory direct only! At $24.95, with a completion time of three hours, means a saving of $15.00 or five dollars per hour! Cement, directions, etc., necessary for completion of suit, are furnished. Postage free size cards furnished on request for either finished suits Or kits. DOLPHIN ENTERPRISES Phone TOrrey 7-0611 9642 E. Artesia Blvd. Bellflower California Member Assoc. Skin Diving Dealers
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