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1954 Healthways First In Water Sports! The World's Finest, Most Complete Line Of Underwater Equipment! An Open Letter to Underwater Sportsmen Any City Anywhere Dear Friends: In the short period since Cressi Underwater Sports Equipment was introduced to you, I have been extremely grateful for the wonderful enthusiasm with which you have received my products, the result of 20 years of unremitting research and development work in my factories in Italy. The extensive experimentation and testing which my staff and I have always done under actual underwater conditions throughout the world, have brought each product to the scientific perfection - that is required to give underwater sportsmen maximum efficiency, utility and protection under even the most extreme circumstances. It is a matter of record that the greatest of spear fishing champions have used Cressi equipment exclusively in achieving their remarkable feats. Both of the 1954 European and Italian spear fishing champions, Roghi Gianni, and Jannuzzi Ruggero used Cressi products in achieving their amazing records. In the Western Hemisphere, Cressi products are now helping create thousands of new enthusiasts and participants in the fastest - growing sport in the world. Our products are winning the approval of all who have the opportunity to use them, whether they are experts or beginners. In 1954 the demand in America for Cressi . products was so great that a serious problem developed as to how to supply the demand. The distance from our factories in Italy, shipping time and high import duties added to the problem, making it necessary for Cressi products to be sold at the highest prices of any underwater sports equipment in the United States. However, this did not dampen your enthusiasm because you bought every single, last item that could be brought into America, confirming your wholehearted approval of our products. Looking forward to 1955, it became evident that something should be done to make our products available at alL times, in whatever quantities were required, and at the lowest prices possible.
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