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1954 We investigated thoroughly the possibility for manufacturing and distribution on a broad scale in the Western Hemisphere, and after careful and thorough study of all the manufacturing and distributing organizations in America, we formed an association with Healthways, the firm which has proven its forward thinking and leadership in the development, manufacture and distribution of the finest aquatic and water sports products made in Amenca. Healthways' intense belief in the perfection, and safety features of their products closely parallels the dedication of my own organization in this respect. It is therefore, with much pleasure and pride that I herewith announce that, beginning in January, 1955, Healthways exclusively will manufacture and distribute all Cressi products throughout the Western Hemisphere. Healthways factories and warehouses, located strategically throughout the country will promptly service your requirements. Healthways' hemisphere - wide sales and distributing organization will insure that Cressi products are always available where you can obtain them easily. Most important of all, with our joint cooperation the high standards of perfection, quality and utility will always be maintained. In addition, our own research and development program in Italy and Healthways' in America, will increasingly keep years ahead of the field in bringing you the newest and most efficient products which man can make. With Healthways tremendous production capacity in its own rubber plant located in Los Angeles, you will now be able to buy Cressi products at new low prices that will make it possible for everyone to own them and enjoy them. To constantly add more and more enthusiasts, Healthways will give a series of lectures and demonstrations in literally every major city with many interesting and colorful films to be presented In Italy our own development and research program IS be 109 stepped up, and our liaison with Healthways will be so close, that you will have a never ending stream of the finest underwater sports equipment in the world (0' make complete your thorough enjoyment and safety always. To this end both Healthways and Cressi are dedicated Sincerely yours Egidio Cressi Healthways LA California 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California Philadelphia
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