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Water Sports! Now exclusive world-wide distributor of the Divair Patented The finest easiest to use self contained underwater breathing apparatus in the world! Tested Tried And Proven! Used exclusively by Ed Fisher in world's record 24 hour underwater endurance dive featured in August 2nd issue of Life Magazine. This and other grueling tests put the Divair first in the field! Incomparable features: Effortless breathing gives you air quickest as you want it better than any other demand type regulator! Helps you conserve energy. Foolproof trouble free has only six movable parts! Water clears in an instant and will not vaporize any water remaining in unit. Ruggedness heavy construction throughout it's easy to maintain! Plus the most amazing feature of all: The only regulator made with built-in, constant time reserve! Set at 15 minutes to give you maximum safety! Will give you an equal number of minutes reserve, regardless of depth or rate of breathing. Can be adjusted to suit by a simple exterior adjustment. The Divair is the newest safest for beginners and experts alike! Backed by Healthways 100%! Order now for immediate delivery from your dealer or write Healthways. Freight prepaid wherever you are. Healthways Divair warehouse locations Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami. All locations have modern facilities for complete servicing and for compressing air in accordance with medical regulations. All this at new low 1955 prices! 129.50 Complete with tank and harness 75.00 Regulator with Air Safety Reserve ALL fittings are standard, Including valve. You can buy a Divair regulator only and use it on your own tank. No more tie-in sales, forcing you to buy a reserve or tank separately. With Healthways' Divair you get the most for your money! Double tank, yoke, fittings and harness now also available. Healthways amazing Shorkair self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, available January, 1955! Retail $39.95 Believe it? Yes, we have it! Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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