Skin Diving History


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1955 It's Here At Last! Healthways First In Water Sports! Now brings you the SNORKAIR Patented. The most amazing compressed air, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus ever made, makes skin diving a bigger thrill than ever before! It's a natural for beginners and experts alike! The shorkair is the ideal auxiliary unit for skin diving! Lets you breathe normal air through the snorkel while surface cruising. Has 120 cubic inch tank (approximately 12 to 15 minutes air capacity). Gives sufficient air supply that makes "fun in the water" and sports diving a reality for everyone all ages. It's simple easy to use only a few minutes practice needed for efficient use. Comes complete with extra filler yoke attachment, refills in 5 to 10 seconds from any larger tank. Standard 70 cubic foot tank gives approximately 5 to 6 fillings. Actual weight only 41/2 lbs. complete with harness, 51/2 lbs. when filled. Can be shipped empty or filled, as requested. Individually packed in strong corrugated container, complete with instructions. Order now for delivery from your dealer, or write Healthways for information. First shipments begin January 15. Healthways warehouse locations in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Miami. All locations have the most modern facilities yet developed for complete servicing and compressing air in accordance with medical regulations. At lowest prices. Dealer and jobber inquiries solicited. Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California Healthways The World's Most Complete Line Of Water Sports and Sports Diving Equipment
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