Skin Diving History


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1955 HOPE-PAGE ENGINEERING CORP. P. O. BOX 6541 LONG BEACH 15, CALIFORNIA SAVES AIR because it allows the exchange of mouthpiece underwater NO MORE Panic from losing mouthpiece NO MORE Water filling hoses NO MORE Gurgling from water that seeps in around mouthpiece Sensational New Low Price Safety First Non-Return Mouthpiece $14.95 Cap says A wonderful addition to the underwater safety line and a must for every lung user. I highly recommend the HOPE-PAGE "SAFETY FIRST" non-return valve. Exclusive Distributors First in Water Sports Jobbers and Dealers Inquiries Solicited CAP PERKINS Merchant Captain and Under-sea specialist Healthways The World's Largest, Most Complete Line of Water Sports and Sports Diving Equipment. Healthways Americas Way To Health L.A. California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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