Skin Diving History


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1955 Healthways presents for the first time in the Western Hemisphere the PINOCCHIO PATENTED и mask for skin divers and underwater sportsmen - the most -important development in the history of the sport originated and developed by GENOA, ITALY Tested and approved by Gustav Dalla Valle, one of the world's foremost skin diving authorities. Used exclusively by Roghi Gianni and Jannuzzi Ruggero, 1954 European and Italian spear fishing champions. Buy and wear a to discover these incomparable features: Exclusive design brings lens so close to eyes The amazing "Ventusa" makes It possible to force The famous soft PINOCCHIO nose makes that upper part practically rests on brows out any water seepage by a single forceful exhale this the only mask ever made with which it is gives most perfect and undistorted perspective from the nose. Tests have been made at all possible to grasp the nose between the fingers wide-range vision-ever achieved! depths by Healthways' Research Team, during and exhale to relieve underwater pressure on which Healthways' Divair Underwater Breathing the ears. depth of dive is increased by 25% or more Apparatus was The mask was The PINOCCHIO has a custom-made remove tempered glass safety lens for maximum protection Scientifically designed "Ventusa" the PINOCCHIO against the face, blew forcefully vacuum lip insures air and water-tight seal through the nose and expelled every drop of water It's the "easiest-to-wear" mask ever developed never before possible. instantly! for use with an underwater breathing apparatus! Fulfills every skin diver's dream of being able to swim without a mask еее Wearing the PINOCCHIO is the closest man will ever come to this dream of perfection! Order a PINOCCHIO now and discover for yourself this new and sensational experience еее It's the Cressi PINOCCHIO by Healthways еее the mask you won't even know you're wearing! The scientific genius of Cressi and Healthways' manufacturing know - how bring this ultimate development in to you at only 85.95! Introducing the CRESSI DELFINO" The professional design snorkel that has been used all over the world by the most famous skin divers and underwater sportsmen! Now manufactured in the United States by Healthways in mass production and comes to you for only 81.95 the biggest value in the field! The Delfino can be worn anywhere a skin diver can go - under rocks, reefs, in caverns, through kelp and seaweed! There's no danger of snagging anywhere -It's the flexible upper section of pure natural gum rubber that does it! Has the famous Cressi flexible mouthpiece - now made of the new, recently developed soft vinyl ..е impervious to deterioration еее lasts indefinitely- Can be adjusted to any position with perfect comfort! See the new exclusive Cressi snorkel holder ring for the first time- makes the Delfino easy to attach to mask strap. Best of all with the Cressi Delfino you get the maximum volume of air required because of the large ~" diameter tube that insures your greatest efficiency! -An ample air supply helps you conserve energy because you get oxygen quickest with a Cressi Delfino by Healthways! Both the Cressi Pinocchio and the Delfino will be available approximately January 1st at your favorite dealer, or write Healthways for full information. Dealer and jobber inquiries solicited. Healthways The World's Largest, Most Complete Line of Water Sports and Sports Diving Equipment. Healthways Americas Way To Health L.A. California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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