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1955 Another Healthways Exclusive PECHE SPORT VULCANIZED FOAM RUBBER FROGMAN ISOTHERMIC SPORTS DIVING SUITS Made in France All Designs Patented and Registered Distributed exclusively by Heathways in the Western Hemisphere. The world's finest professional equipment used by United States, French and Italian Navy, frogmen demolition teams and salvage divers throughout the world! Used exclusively by the foremost underwater photography and exploration groups. Peche-Sport Tahiti One piece short suit with exclusive patented wrap-around supporter apron and belt. Does not include helmet or socks. Sizes small, medium, large, weight 23/4 lb. Cat. No. P-SS retail $49.50 Peche-Sport Frogman Long Suit includes full length pants with new exclusive suspender design, long shirt with long sleeves and helmet attached and detachable vulcanized roam rubber boots. Sizes, small medium, large, weight 61/2 lb. Cat. No. P-LS retail $84.95. SIZE TABLE - PECHE-SPORT SUITS SMALL -S' 8" in height to approximately 160 lb. MEDIUM -S' 8" to 6' in height to approximately 18S lb. LARGE -6' and taller in height to approximately 220 lb. PECHE-SPORT suits may be worn with or without long underwear or underclothing. Many persons find that wearing clothing underneath is desirable, especially where there is 'a great amount of physical activity, as it helps to protect the skin against the possibility of irritation under the arms, between the legs, etc. Healthways Peche-Sport Suits are made of extra thick, fine pore foam rubber vulcanized between two layers of tough smooth rubber skin which is unbelievably tear, snag and scuff resistant. The unusually tough material and the exceptionally fine construction and workmanship make this an outstanding buy! The Peche-Sport will out perform and outlast by far any other suit on the market. Peche-Sport exclusive materials are the heaviest and best used in any vulcanized foam rubber suit now manufactured and are known the world over for their great resistance to exposure to water and sun. This vulcanized foam rubber suit is known as an isothermic suit; the reason for this being that it operates under an isothermic principle in which the millions of tiny air cells, trapped in the foam rubber, help the body to retain its heat by acting as an insulating blanket to protect against the penetration of the temperature of the water which is usually Jar below that of the body. This isothermic principle makes possible the maintenance of comfortable body temperature and is not available in any other type rubber suit now made. Healthways' Peche-Sport suit is not to be confused with the "wet" type suit which is made of porous type foam rubber which allows the body to become wet within a few minutes lmd which affords little protection against the cold. The "wet" type suit, as it is commonly known, will disappear from the market wherever the Peche-Sport suit can be used since the Peche-Sport suit combines all the features essential to maximum comfort in all water temperatures where a rubber suit can be worn at all. Healthways Peche-Sport is being used throughout the world in all climates and under the most exacting requirements. Its availability in the Western Hemisphere has already caused the greatest furor since rubber suits of any kind were first introduced. Healthways Peche-Sport vulcanized foam rubber suits are expertly designed to mold to the figure with pure natural gum rubber vulcanized to the foam rubber at the neck, wrists, waist and ankles assuring a snug watertight fit. Peche-Sport suits are so comfortable that they can be worn for many hours at a time. It is for this reason that they are used by the world's foremost diving teams, underwater demolition services of many governments, and leading research organizations. Should the material at any time be damaged or torn, it can easily be repaired with an ordinary rubber cold patch, or vulcanized. Available at your sporting goods dealers who feature the fabulous Healthways line of underwater sports equipment! Peche-Sport Helmet sold separately. Two sizes, medium and large. Cat. No. P-H retail $4.50 Peche-Sport Boots sold separately one size only. Cat. No.P-B retail $5.95 pr. Healthways The World's Largest, Most Complete Line of Water Sports and Sports Diving Equipment. Healthways Americas Way To Health L.A. California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California Dealer and Jobber inquiries solicited
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