Skin Diving History


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1955 FIRST IN WATER SPORTS HEALTHWAYS proudly presents the New Revolutionary ESPADON Pat. Pending Peche-Sport ARBALETE F-L-A-S-H-! HEALTHWAYS SPEAR GUNS MAKE SKIN DIVING HISTORY! FLASH!-CABLE FROM FRANCE-1955 SKIN DIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS OF FRANCE-FIRST! HEALTHWAYS PECHE SPORT ESPADON STANDARD ARBALETE ARBALETE SECOND SECOND! HEALTHWAYS PESHE SPORT ESPADON JUNIOR ARBALETE THIRD! HEALTHWAYS PECHE SPORT STANDARD ARBALETE! FLASH!-CABLE FROM ITALY-1955 SKIN DIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ITALY-FIRST! HEALTHWAYS CRESSI CERNIA SPRING GUN SECOND! HEALTHWAYS CRESSI SAETTA SPRING GUN THIRD! HEALTHWAYS CRESSI TORPEDINE SPRING GUN! FLASH! CABLE FROM MALLORCA, SPAIN HEALTHWAYS ESPADON AND CRESSI GUNS SWEEP THE FIELD IN THE 1955 INTERNATIONAL SKIN DIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS! FIRST . HEALTHWAYS CRESSI CERNIA SPRING POWERED GUN SECOND! HEALTHWAYS PECHE-SPORT ESPADON STANDARD ARBALETE RUBBER-POWERED GUN-THIRD! HEALTHWAYS CRESSI SAETTA SPRING-POWERED GUN! Note the perfected one-piece trigger design and new spring tension positive safety lever ... maximum safety! Trouble free function! CAT. NO. HE-S STANDARD Retail $16.95 CAT. NO. HE-J JUNIOR Retail $14.50 CAT. NO. HE-B BANTAM Retail $11.95 Now available! Just off the press! Healthways new sensational 32-page underwater sports catalog. Send for your free copy today! These incomparable features will make Healthways ESPADON your favorite Arbalete spear gun! New smaller barrel diameter gives least resistance to water-greater maneuverability! Amazing light-weight, made possible by use of newly invented materials ... positively non-corrosive. The ESPADON floats-easily retrieved after spear is fired! New muzzle design and new one piece original French hand wrapped rubber power sling assures uniform stretch ... propels spear with greatest accuracy and impact! New one piece rubber eliminates old torque-twist! (Result of unequal pull from one rubber of old type two piece set). Perfected one piece trigger design provides single direct trigger action! Fewer parts mean less wear-assures' trouble free function! (See A) Maximum safety-with new spring tension positive safety lever! (See B) Spear heads interchangeable in all models models and with all Arbaletes. All extra parts available separately. Healthways ESPADON Arbalete has the maximum power ever developed in each model . Bantam, Junior and Standard! Be first to own the ESPADON Arbalete Order now! These amazing records made by the world's champions using Healthways spear guns-prove their leadership-their supremacy! When you buy a spearfishing gun, be sure to ask for HEALTHWAYS The Choice of Champions! safety! Trouble-free function! Healthways The World's Largest, Most Complete Line of Water Sports and Sports Diving Equipment. Healthways Americas Way To Health L.A. California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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