Skin Diving History


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1955 FIRST IN WATER SPORTS! Healthways LEADS THE FIELD AGAIN! Tested to depths exceeding 600 feet (100 fathoms) ... Can't leak due to its unique design and construction ... the greater the pressure, the more waterproof the watch becomes! Guaranteed positively waterproof! A specially designed face with unusual luminous radium sweep second hand and easily identified minute hand and large numerals, make the "100 Fathom" easy to read even hundreds of feet underwater or on the darkest night! The face and hands are designed so that sports divers using underwater breathing apparatus can quickly determine the length of dive and the decompression time. The same exclusive construction features that make Healthways "100 Fathom" so amazing underwater, make it 'equally sensational for boating enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters, police and military personnel and all outdoor sportsmen! Individually packaged in deluxe attractive blue fabricoid display case, complete with instructions and warranty. Because of limited production we recommend you place your order now! See your sporting goods dealer, jewelry or department store or write Healthways for information. Healthways "100 Fathom" is the most ideal watch gift ever presented for the sportsman! NOTE: The term "waterproof" is used with the understanding that the crystal is intact and the case is opened and closed by a competent watchmaker. CAT. NO. 100-F THE IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR THAT SKIN DIVER OR OUTDOOR SPORTSMAN! Jobber & Dealer Inquiries Solicited Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California 100 FATHOM The ultimate in a waterproof, pressureproof watch result of years of engineering and testing with features never before believed possible in a watch at any price now available at the amazing low price of $54.95! Healthways "100 FATHOM" waterproof, pressureproof watch is truly an all time sensation! Made in Switzerland exclusively for Healthways by Enicar, the world's finest watchmakers! Incomparable features! Guaranteed against mechanical defects for a period of one year. Exclusive ultrasonic treatment assures accurate and superior performance without cleaning or oiling for a period of three years. Specially designed, unbreakable lucite crystal. Finest alloy, rust resistant stainless steel case. Retail $54.95 plus 10% excise tax
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