Skin Diving History


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1956 HEALTHWAYS FIRST IN WATER SPORTS! The most sensational complete hose assembly replacement unit for SCUBA ever made! SCUBA COUBLE HOSE ASSEMBLY COMPLETE WITH SENSATIONAL AIR-FLO HOSES AND NEW HOPE-PAGE NON-RETURN VALVE MOUTHPIECE Healthways SCUBA Double Hose assembly makes it possible for SCUBA owners to have the incomparable new Hope-Page Non-Return Valve Mouthpiece safety features on their unit plus the sensational new Healthways SCUBA AIR-FLO hoses! This replacement comes completely assembled! Has extra set of hose clamps can be attached to regulator mechanism in a few moments fits most standard SCUBA regulators on the market! CHECK THESE OUTSTANDING FEATURES: The new improved world-famous Hope-Page Non-Return Valve Mouthpiece has won enthusiastic acceptance and recognition as the best non-return safety unit in the world! The Hope-Page Valve permits removal and replacement of the mouthpiece while submerged! No panic, inconvenience or loss of time trying to clear water out of the breathing hose ... prevents water from entering regulator mechanism! Now made of amazing thermoplastic, developed especially for Healthways - tough, lightweight, non'- corrosive and non - absorbent! New offset design mouthpiece opening places valve in ideal position ... eliminates mouth strain ... perfectly balanced! New white neoprene 'soft as velvet" mouthpiece ... non-toxic ... the most comfortable made! Exclusive non - mechanical valve action guarantees reliable trouble-free function! Healthways Air-Flo hose for SCUBA is the hose for which the entire industry has been waiting! Made on a new patented spiral principle that insures uniform wall thickness with no kinks or creases to wear or crack ... gives maximum safety and protection! Has a life-long pleasant wintergreen scent ... no more unpleasant rubber 'smell to add "bad taste" to compressed air! Healthways Air- Flow Hoses practically defy destruction ... amazing resistance to deterioration from salt water, sun, the elements, etc.! There is nothing like it in the industry. Buy it! Use it! And see for yourself! CAT. NO. 1620 HOPE-PAGE NON-RETURN VALVE (Sold Separately) retail $7.95 HOPE-PAGE NON-RETURN VALVE (Sold Separately) Only Healthways moss-production methods make possible the amazing low price. Formerly $14.95. AIR-FLO HOSE (Sold Separately)-20 in. long, 1 in. inside diameter at both ends. (Available with required changes for manufacturers of SCUBA units having other specifications) CAT. NO. 1601-01 AIR-FLO HOSE retail $2.95 each sold separately Dealer and jobber inquiries solicited Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California CAT. NO. 1609 SCUBA DOUBLE HOSE ASSEMBLY COMPLETE $13.95 retail
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