Skin Diving History


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1956 HEALTHWAYS FIRST IN WATER SPORTS the Big Gun in underwater sports! with the most honored guns in the world! HEALTHWAYS leads the field with the finest, most complete line of underwater spear-fishing guns and hand sling spear guns in the world! ... from the basic Hawaiian Sling Spear to the all-powerful Cressi Cernia Spring Gun! Striving to improve existing models and perfect new designs -Healthways introduces the sensational new Sea Gig, Sea Spear and Sea Lance flexible fiberglass pole spears (that for the first time give spear fishermen all the added thrills of rod fishing the amazing new thermoplastic Cressi Mignon - the revolutionary new Espadon Peche-Sport Arbaletes! Proof positive that Healthways is indeed the" Big Gun" in the underwater sports world was given when Peche-Sport Espadon Arbaletes won first and second place, Peche-Sport Arbalete third place, in the 1955 Skin Diving Championships of France - when the Cressi Cernia, Saetta and Torpedine won first, second and third places in the 1955 Skin Diving Championships of Italy when Healthways Cressi and Espadon guns swept the field, winning all team honors and all prizes in Majorca, Spain, in the 1955 International Skin Diving Championships: First place, Cressi Cernia; second place, Peche-Sport Espadon; third place, Cressi Saetta! HEALTHWAYS HAWAIIAN SLING SPEAR GUN (Follows Original Hawaiian Sling Design) Cat. No. 1502 HAWAIIAN SLING SPEAR GUN with Standard 4 ft. Spear-accurate-powerful-easy to use! $ 4.95 HEALTHWAYS SENSATIONAL FIBERGLASS POLE SPEARS Cat. No. 1511 SEA GIG- 4 ft. pole spear - 5-prong Cressi Spearhead - for close range. $7.95 Cat. No. 1512 SEA SPEAR- one piece 6 ft. pole spear - Cressi detachable spearhead. $9.95 Cat. No. 1513 SEA LANCE - 7' 8" two-piece "take-down" pole spear - with Cressi detachable spearhead. $14.95 HEALTHWAYS AQUA SPEAR POLE SPEAR Made of Anodized Aluminum Tubing Cat. No. 1510 AQUA SPEAR- Deluxe Pole Spear- 7' 3" long Floats - takes down (0 two sections for carrying and storage. $11.95 HEALTHWAYS CRESSI SPEAR GUNS The genius of Cressi created these amazing center-grip, precision balanced underwater guns that operate with internal power, whether spring or rubber! Cressi guns follow the principle of the modern rifle barrel - give maximum accuracy, power and penetration! Made in Italy of "anti-corrodal" metal, resistant to salt water. The ultimate in the underwater spearfishing arsenal- use a Cressi gun once and prove it to yourself- now at new lower 1956 prices! Cat. No. 1530 CRESS I MIGNON - rubber powered- made of new thermoplastic- 34" long- for "close-in'" work. Cat. No. 1531 CRESSI SAETTA- spring powered - 45" long. Cat. No. 1532 CRESS I TORPEDINE- spring powered- 77H long-"breaks" to convenient carrying length. Cat. No. 1533 CRESS I CERNIA- spring powered- 69" long-"breaks'" to convenient carrying length. $17.95 $23.95 $26.95 $29.95 HEALTHWAYS PECHE-SPORT ESPADON ARBALETES amazing light weight- they float! (Pat. applied for) Cat. No. 1507 BANTOM ESPADON for close in work 3 prong head $ 11.95 Cat. No. 1508 JUNIOR ESPADON amazing light weight-single barb head $14.50 Cat. No. 1509 STANDARD ESPADON maximum Arbalete power and accuracy - double barb head. $16.95 HEALTHWAYS PECHE-SPORT ARBALETES - the original Arbaletes they float! Cat. No. 1504 PECHE-SPORT JUNIOR-for close range-easy to handle. $17.50 Cat. No. 1505 PECHE-SPORT STANDARD- for all 'round use $19.95 -Cat. No. 1506 PECHE-SPORT DE LUXE- with front hand grip - maximum Arbalete accuracy and power. $24.95 NOTE: All Cressi and Peche-Sport guns have positive safety lock! Dealer and Jobber inquiries solicited. Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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