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1956 ADVENTURE FOR SALE! BY HEALTHWAYS FIRST IN WATER SPORTS! Healthways leads again with a series of outstanding underwater adventures. Each of these unusual 16 mm. films is available in full color or black and white, with exciting stories and narration. The first three films are now available, with many more in production under the supervision of Gustav Dalla Valle to thrill and interest the underwater sportsman and all who love adventure! This underwater adventure film series is the result of thousands of requests received from Healthways' accounts throughout the world, for films that demonstrate the proper use of underwater equipment by professionals, and at the same time provide an intimate glimpse into the fascinating underwater world where man now is enjoying his newest and most thrilling adventure! Many dealers have indicated their intention to sell them and to set up a rental library to be available at a nominal charge to skin diving clubs, YMCA's, church groups, etc. Healthways' underwater adventure series encourages purchases of the latest equipment, creates new enthusiasts for the fastest growing sport in the world! UNDERWATER SPEARFISHING A rare combination of adventure and information is found in this unusual film. The tremendous underwater photography and moving shots of marine life are exceeded only by the daredevil performance of Gustav Dalla Valle, internationally famous veteran free diver, the dean of underwater spearfishers. Gustav tackles sharks and barracuda in some of the most unusual and daring sequences ever put on film. Underwater Spear fishing was filmed in Haiti and photographed by Marcel Isy-Schwart. former world spearfishing champion. It is narrated by Peter Allen with an exciting musical background. This unusual film was produced by Films of the Nations and seeing it is an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Cat. No. 196001 Underwater Spearfishing I Cat. No. 1960.02 Underwater Spearfishing 16 mm. Color-Sound. Approx. 500 ft. 16 mm. Black & White-Sound. Approx. 500 ft. 14 minutes' running time. Retail price: S 150.00 14 minutes running time. Retail price: $55.00 CAPTAIN FATHOM. Here is a science-fiction underwater adventure story with action that will hold the viewers spellbound! Thrill to an underwater nuclear explosion, atomic submarines, deadly sharks, moray eels and 'an unbelievable giant Medusa, plus an exciting story-all combined to make this film an unforgettable experience! Captain Fathom was filmed in Florida, stars Don McGowan and a cast of top Hollywood professional actors. Underwater sequences were supervised by Gustav Dalla Valle. Submarine technical advisor was Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers, USN Retired. Underwater photography by Phillip Nash. Story by Curt Siodmak. Captain Fathom is directed by Maurice Kline and produced by New Vistas Productions. Cat. No. 196003 Captain Fathom I Cat. No. 196004 Captain Fathom 16 mm. Color-Sound. Approx. 930 ft. 16 mm. Black & White-Sound. Approx. 930 ft. 26 minutes' running lime. Retail price: S195.00 26 minutes' running time. Retail price: $90.00 UNDERWATER WITH THE SEA HORSE. In this thrilling underwater documentary you see the evolution of the famous Italian "pig" of World War II to the present Healthways' fabulous "Sea Horse," two-man submarine. See how two of the most powerful British navy battleships, the "Valiant" and "Queen Elizabeth" were destroyed in Alexandria Harbor in December, 1941, by six men and three of these vicious mechanical fish of the Italian Underwater Demolition Corps. In 1955, ride along with Healthways' "Sea Horse" on the record-making, 2:?-mile underwater channel crossing from Cabrillo Beach, Los Angeles to Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island. Thrill to the amazing adventures as the "Sea Horse" is put through its paces on an underwater spearfishing and exploration holiday! This film makes you feel you are actually there yourself, participating in the thrills of the fascinating underwater world. Underwater with the Sea Horse was filmed off the Coast of California and Catalina Island by Parry Bivens, Phillip Nash and Marcel Isy-Schwart, and features beautiful Zale Parry, world famous woman diver, and Dick Anderson, diving expert and member of Healthways' Research and Development organization. Story by Bob Ferris, nationally known radio commentator and writer, and Arnold Polk, Healthways' Advertising Director. Directed by Gustav Dalla Valle and Hal Dennis. Produced by New Vistas Productions. Cat. No. 1960-05 Underwater with the Sea Horse I Cat. No. 196006 Underwater with the Sea Horse 16 mm. Color-Sound. Approx. 930 ft. 16 mm. Black & White-Sound. Approx. 930 ft. 26 minutes' running time. Retail price 5195.00 26 minutes' running time. Retail price: $90.00 SPECIAL DEALER DISCOUNT AVAILABLE. WRITE fOR INfORMATION. WORLD'S FINEST, MOST COMPLETE LINE OF WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! 3669 SEVENTH AVENUE PHIL' PA LOS ANGELES 18. CALIFORNIA Underwater Spearfishing Captain Fathom Underwater the Sea Horse Watch for new exciting films to come in Healthways Underwater Adventure Film Series! Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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