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1956 HEALTHWAYS FIRST IN WATER SPORTS! The name that stands for the finest in water sports and sports diving equipment leads the field again! Manufactured exclusively for Healthways another first! Jet-O-Sen quick-release lifetime scuba harness. THE MOST IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT MADE IN SCUBA HARNESS DESIGN SINCE THE INVENTION OF THE SELF-CONTAINED UNDERWATER BREATHING APPARATUS. "IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!" Designed for all standard 70 cu. ft. tanks. As the name Jet-O-Sen implies, the entire Scuba unit can be jettisoned from the harness - gives split-second timing for release and replacement of empty tanks. Ideal for rental services, salvage and exploration divers, etc. Designed and perfected by Jim Sawtelle, veteran Scuba diver - tried, tested and proven by experts and Healthways Underwater Research Development Division the Jet-O-Sen incorporates safety features and comfort never before possible for beginner and expert alike! The Jet-O-Sen Harness is the best tried, tested and proven quick-release harness on the market-easily the safest SCUBA Harness made! The Jet-O-Sen spring-loaded release pin is literally foolproof-works instantaneously-no fumbling, no loose parts to struggle with - simply reach back and an easy pull releases the tank instantly! Exclusive design makes Jet-O-Sen literally a custom harness - to fit each individual figure-comes from factory with two shoulder suppOrts straight - permits bending to individual back and shoulder contour for maximum comfort, stability and freedom of movement in any position! Location of tank easily adjusted by moving tank bands so regulator can be positioned where diver wants it-once adjusted it is there to stay in all swimming and diving positions! Two simple straps for chest and waist, with quick-release buckles for maximum simplicity and additional safety- no strap needed between legs! Ingenious handle permits "never-before-possible" ease in carrying entire SCUBA unit wherever desired with or without harness attached! Rigid Jet-O-Sen frame makes possible putting on and taking off entire unit without assistance! With Jet-O-Sen harness there need never be any more tanks and SCUBA units rolling from side to side on boat or other moving surfaces. Provides convenient resting cradle for SCUBA unit on beach-keeps regulator mechanism away from sand on board boat, provides stationary resting place and helps prevent damage to mechanism or valve Has ingenious Styrofoam marker buoy with amazing buoyancy, with 40-pound test, 50-foot line. Permits locating and retrieving jettisoned SCUBA unit from the surface. (Longer line can be added if desired.) Made of aluminum, coated with indestructible Unichrome plastic-hot dipped galvanized tank bands provide corrosion-resistant surfaces for amazing long life. Comes in attractive, easy-to-see "underwater orange" safety color-ideal for Buddy System (for seeing your diving partner underwater). Healthways Jet-O-Sen is easily the safest, most outstanding Scuba Harness in the field today. Comes individually packaged in heavy corrugated shipping container, complete with instructions! 3669 SEVENTH AVENUE lOS ANGELES lB. CALIFORNIA PHILA PA Dealer and Jobber Inquiries Solicited Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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