Skin Diving History


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1956 HEALTHWAYS Exclusive Distributor for Amazing New AQUAPHONE AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! with practice you can learn to Talk Under Water pat. pend. Now at last the Aquaphone enables communication underwater at any depth. This new sound powered underwater talking device permits lung divers. after perfecting the ability to talk with the throat muscles, to carry on limited conversation underwater at distances up to 6 feet. Shouts and warnings may be heard as far away as 30 feet. Talking underwater with the Aqua Phone is a new skill to learn. Practice is necessary for the diver to become proficient in its use. May be easily installed on most SCUBA regulator mouthpieces now on the market, Can be used with Healthways full-face Medusa Mask assembly for SCUBA or with Healthways SCUBA mask. These two units permit perfect clarity and enunciation of words. The AquaPhone is man's first successful attempt to Break the underwater sound barrier! After becoming proficient in its use, the Aquaphone will prove helpful in underwater photography, group skin diving, salvage work, or any underwater operation where limited conversation is necessary. The Aquaphone was designed and tested by expert divers under actual working conditions. Constructed of durable lightweight plastic and brass. , , No moving parts to wear out or replace. The Aquaphone is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials, Comes complete with instructions for installation and use. Cat. No, 1949 RETAIL $4.95 Dealer and Jobber inquiries solicited
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