Skin Diving History


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1956 HEALTHWAYS First in Water Sports! Presents AQUATABS FOR DIVERS! Aquatabs are an amazing, new, nutritional supplement developed by one of America's leading laboratories to help reduce fatigue, increase endurance and resistance to cold, and aid in minimizing the stress of strenuous activity during diving. A "natural" for underwater sportsmen, underwater photographers, professional and salvage divers. 18 capsules $3.95 (Enough for 6 days of diving) I "eludes instructions for use. M.V.'s FOR EVERYONE! MV.'s are a sensational, new, high potency multivitamineral, nutritional product recommended for sportsmen, athletes, health and body building. Excellent for underwater sportsmen, professional athletes and all who work under stress conditions, including those who need a daily dietary supplement to aid in correcting- or in helping prevent nutritional deficiencies. No special diet required simply take at mealtime and MV.'s do the rest. Amazing low price! 120 tablets $6.95 (Enough for 1 month) Includes instructions for use. HEALTHWAYS for seventeen years recognized the world's foremost manufacturer of barbells, devices is proud to add AQUATABS and M.V.'s to its family of products! Exclusive, World-Wide Distributor Jobber and dealer inquiries solicited health, body-building and exercising HEALTHWAYS 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18, California Available for immediate delivery at your dealer or write Healthways
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