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1956 Healthways Divair New Improved 1956 Patented Now with the world-famous Hope-Page non-return valves as standard equipment! Greatest value ever! First in Water Sports THE FINEST EASIEST - TO-USE TROUBLE-FREE SELF CONTAINED UNDERWATER BREATHING APPARATUS IN THE WORLD! The new improved 1956 Divair is years ahead of all other SCUBA units has these incomparable features: True demand type Regulator-breathing is effortleSS-Quickest-yet air supply lasts longest. You get air only when you want it and need it none wasted! Follows normal human breathing principle. Safe-efficient! Only 6 moving parts! Simplicity of design guarantees longest trouble free service! New guaranteed non-corrosive high impact impregnated fiberglass maincasting eliminates forever any possibility of corrosion or electrolysis! Finest materials-rugged heavy construction throughout! Now comes complete with the new improved famous Hope-Page non-return mouthpiece! A slight exhalation clears all water in an instant! New high pressure block and valve seat assembly. Positively prevents air leakage! Exclusive built-in air reserve-no separate air reserve valves necessary! Reserve is factory set to give 6 to 15 minutes positive reserve air supply-is easily adjusted if desired! New air reserve design permits optional operation with finger tip lever or standard easy-to-reach pull rod All Divair fittings are standard including valve! Divair regulator is sold separately. complete with built-in air reserve unit-can be used on your own tank. Tested, tried and proven for beginners and experts alike-the new Divair has been put through every possible grueling test and come through with flying colors! Sold separately sensational new retail price $7.95! HEALTHWAYS AMAZING ONE YEAR DIVAIR REGULATOR WARRANTY AND LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY One year factory warranty guarantees that the Divair is tops in workmanship and materials! Lifetime service policy provides that the Divair Regulator may be returned at any time after Warranty Period for complete overhaul, renewing and replacement of all pans where necessary-total cost $5.00, plus an additional manufacturers cost of $ 1.00 per hose if replacement is necessary or requested! No other manufacturer backs their product with a comparable warranty and service! CAT. No. 1601 DIVAIR REGULATOR with built-in Air Reserve $57.50 CAT. No. 1650 DIVAIR Complete $112.95 Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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