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1956 HEALTHWAYS First In Water Sports presents the new, ORIGINAL better-than-ever Rondine fins- the ultimate in sell-propulsion! The Sensational Cressi Rondine Fins and Rondine GIGANTE SUPER FINS preferred by every expert skin diver and water sports diver in the world makes all other professional type fins obsolete with all exclusive features now full patented U.S. Pat. No. 2,737,668. CREATED AND PERFECTED BY THE GENIUS OF EGIDIO CRESSI OF GENOA, ITALY - FOR 20 YEARS THE WORLD'S FOREMOST DESIGNER AND DEVELOPER OF UNDERWATER SPORTS EQUIPMENT! THE HEALTHWAYS-CRESSI RONDINE FIN IS NOW MANUFACTURED AND DISTRIBUTED IN THE UNITED STATES, EXCLUSIVELY BY HEALTHWAYS! CHECK THESE MANY EXCLUSIVE FEATURES, THEN BUY RONDINE FINS AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! 1 Scientific Rondine design gives swimmer a straight line from knee to fin tip - yet allows foot to be held in comfortable natural position! 2 New, bigger, more comfortable than ever, complete form-fitting foot enclosure protects foot from cuts and abrasions - allows diver to walk freely on ocean floor! 3 Now with Healthways sensational new patented, adjustable instep lock-strap which insures perfect fit, maximum power and makes it virtually impossible to lose these fins! 4 Exclusive open-toe design gives amazing comfort - prevents toe cramping and eliminates strain and fatigue! 5 The Rondine design permits lightness in weight, yet gives maximum fin-tip rigidity with increased maneuverability and 25 per cent greater speed than any other fin made! 6 Rondine right and left fins are identical and interchangeable - making for convenient and foolproof ease in use! ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE OR IMITATIONS IF YOU WANT THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT, UTILITY AND PERFORMANCE! RONDINE FINS The fin that has captured the underwater sports world! The world's finest! 25 percent faster than any other make! The larger' Rondine fins in sizes Large (9-11) and Extra-Large (11--13) come with Healthways sensational new patented, adjustable instep lock-strap! CAT. NO. SIZE SHOE SIZE RETAIL 1330 Medium 5-7 1331 'Medium-Large 7-9 $9.95. 1334 Large 9-11 (with adj. instep lock strap) 1335 X-Large 11-13 (with adj. instep lock strap) Instep lock-strap not needed in sizes:' Med. (5 - 7) and Med. Large (7 - 9) RONDINE GIGANTE SUPER FINS The Healthways-Cressi Rondine Gigante Super Fin incorporates all the famous features of the exclusive patented Cressi Rondine design. A sensational demolition-type super size fin that gives tremendous power and amazing speed never before possible! Throughout the history of skin diving, underwater government services and experienced water sportsmen have sought a fin like the Rondine Gigante - the fin that has everything - for the professional - the expert! Now it's here - with the exclusive' adjustable instep lock-strap. The Gigante is designed for use with rubber suits of all types - in two sizes to fit comfortably any size foot with sox and boots! The Gigante fins the exacting needs of the experienced underwater sportsman - the military - professional! The lightest super size fin ever made has unbelievable power packed snap, speed, maneuverability, comfort and protection never before possible. CAT. NO. SIZE SHOE SIZE RETAIL $13.95 1337 X-Large 11-13 (with adj, instep lock strap) 1338 Giant Size 13-16 (with adj. instep lack strap) Ask to see Healthways new, bigger, better-than-ever, complete line of water sports . and sports diving equipment at your favorite sporting goods dealer! Many sensational new items never before available! Write for free catalog! Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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