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1957 HEALTHWAYS SUITS the skin diver! FIRST IN WATER SPORTS! With the world's finest most complete line of rubber underwater exposure suits for year round skin diving, sports diving, military and commercial use! Each suit is the finest of its type ever put on the market ... result of years of development and testing under most rugged conditions in actual use! Rubber suits "Dry Type" Carib Professional front entry full length suit includes can of healthways rubber dust made of 2-ply laminated pure gum rubber with air cured seams in Healthways handsome new Carib Blue inside ply is light blue. Comfortable and form fitting yet allows room for necessary heavy underclothing. For the diver who prefer a gum rubber dry type suit that really stays dry, the Carib is the answer. Cat. No. 1713 Small, 1714 Medium, 1715 Large Retail $39.95 Carib Skin Diving and water ski shirt keeps vital upper parts of the body dry and helps maintain normal body temperature. Made of 2-ply laminated rubber as Carib suit. Form fitting and comfortable. Can be worn with underclothing if desired. Complete freedom of movement. A natural for water skier, body surfers, skin divers. Cat. No. 1716 small, 1717 medium, 1718 large. Retail $9.95 Aqua King professional waist entry full length suit Comes complete with hood, long shirt, long pants with boots attached, waistline sealing ring and can of Healthways rubber dust. Healthways Aqua King suit is a revolutionary new pure gum molded latex seamless rubber suit which practically defies destruction! Even after being punctured this amazing material still resists further tearing! Another example of Healthways leadership in the underwater sports field! There is no other dry type suit on the market which has the "wear-ability", tensile strength and form fitting comfort of the Aqua King! Easy to slip in and out of, holds shape permanently, retains elasticity indefinitely, is non-allergic, odorless and resists sun, water, oil and preparation as no other rubber suit can! The Aqua King is the all purpose all fitting suit sensation for 1957! Delivery about December 1st. Cat. No. 1722 small, 1723 medium, 1724 large. Retail $42.50 Aqua Flite Water ski and skin diving suit includes long sleeve shirt with foam neoprene collar, waistline sealing ring and ankle length pants. Made of 2-ply laminated gum rubber designed and perfected by Healthways team of experts! Ideal for water ski enthusiasts as well as skin divers! Keeps the skier warm and comfortable. Soft foam neoprene zipper collar gives comfort never before possible easy to put on or take off! The Aqua Flite is an excellent dual purpose rubber suit! Cat. No. 1740 small, 1741 medium, 1742 large. Retail $29.95 Foam neoprene wet type rubber suits made of New Hi-Stretch material La Jolla full suit includes hood, zipper shirt, zipper long pants and boots. The design has been tried, tested and proven by the experts. Form fitting comfortable! Unique zipper construction makes it easy to put on or take off! Seams are reinforced with colored neoprene stripping workmanship is the finest! Cat. No. 1750 small, 1751 medium, 1752 large. Retail $59.95 Monterey Foam Neoprene Full Suit includes hood, long shirt with supporter apron, long pants and boots. Developed, tried, tested and proven by the experts! Form fitting, yet allows complete freedom of movement! The Monterey with its unique supporter apron is sold by other makers at %75.00 and up! Seams are reinforced with colored neoprene stripping. Workmanship is the finest! The Monterey is one of the most popular wet suits in the world today. Cat. No. 1760 small, 1761 medium, 1762 large. Retail $59.95 Balboa Foam Neoprene Skin Diving and Water Ski Jacket short sleeves, with full length front zipper and high comfortable collar. The Balboa is ideally suited for both the skin diving and water skiing enthusiasts. Gives protection for vital upper parts of the body. Helps maintain normal body temperature! Cat. No. 1770 small, 1771 medium, 1773 large. Retail $19.95 Note: Black Magic Foam Neoprene Cement makes possible easy, quick, on-the-spot repairs on all Healthways Foam Neoprene Suits! Cat. No. 1798 Retail $1.00 PECHE-SPORT VULCANIZED ISOTHERMIC PROFESSIONAL SUITS Peche-Sport Isothermic Professional Suit The world's finest professional exposure suit ... used by the United States, British, French and Italian Navy frogman demolition teams. Comes with full length pants, long shirt and hood attached. Includes waistline sealing ring, detachable boots and can of HEALTHWAYS rubber dust. Made of vulcanized foam rubber with millions of tiny air cells ... retains body heat by acting as an insulating blanket! Makes diving possible in almost any water temperature. May be worn with or without underclothing. The ultimate for "cold water" diving! Sensational new 1957 prices! Cat. No. 1701-5111a/l ($75.00) 1702-Medium ($75.00) 1703-Large ($85.00) 1704-Extra Large ($90.00) Peche-Sport Tahiti One piece short suit made of the same vulcanized foam rubber as Peche-Sport full suit. Has patented wrap around supporter and belt. Includes can of Healthways rubber dust does not include hood or boots. An ideal short suit. Keeps trunk and vital portions of the body warm even in the coldest water. Allows complete freedom of movement. Cat. No. 1705 small, 1706 medium, 1707 large. Retail $39.95 All components of all Healthways suits are sold separately! Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! 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