Skin Diving History


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1957 Sold by leading Sporting Goods Dealers Everywhere HEALTHWAYS FIRST IN WATER SPORTS! Let's face facts the history of the underwater sports field in America during the post twelve years has been largely the story of a succession of Healthway's firsts! Behind practically every major advance in the world's fastest-growing sport, every improvement in product, every new concept, has been the pioneering spirit and unremitting effort of the entire Healthways organization. We have developed our own products and also token over, for both exclusive manufacture and distribution a vast number of outstanding products wherever we have found them throughout the world! For the record, here are just a few of the famous Healthways firsts: New-patented buckle for adjustable fins original Healthways-Cressi Rondine fin, now with new instep lock-strap - "10.0 Fathom" watch - Mako Shark, underwater amphibious still camera - Scuba mask _ new improved 1957 Cressi Pinnochio mask - Cressi automatic snorkel valve Espadon rubber-powered arbaletes and Cressi spring-powered spearguns winners of 1956 U.S. Skin Diving Championships-new Aqua-King seamless molded pure gum latex rubber suits - first underwater breathing apparatus with built-in air reserve presenting sensational 1957 SCUBA - Hope-Page non-return valve first non-return valves used in all scubas - exclusive new design "Sea Horse" skin divers' float - double Scuba safety with Jet-O-Sen quick-release harness and Air-Float life vest used by the Navy Captain Fathom TV films and other underwater films _ Aquotabs, stress and cold protection vitamin concentrate -English and Spanish editions of "Underwater Safety" by E. R. Cross, under exclusive contract with his schooner, "Four Winds"-for 1957 world's largest line of wet and dry rubber exposure suits new compasses, depth gouges, knives, weight belts, communication devices and a host of others await you!
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