Skin Diving History


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1957 HAWAII SURF-RIDER BEACH FLOATSStandard and Deluxe Hawaii Surf-Riders have all the outstanding Air Float features of design and construction! Because of the extra high risers and oversize tubes, they have maximum stability in the water and great floatability! Each Hawaii has a high quality, heavy duty woven white rope attached to corrosion-resistant metal grommets. Preferred by many water sports enthusiasts! (colors: all models come in blue and red). Cat. No 311O-Standard Hawaii I-Size 20"x.16". Retail $9.95 Cat. No 3111-Standard Hawaii II-Size 2.5"x45". Retail $12.9.5. Cat. No 3121-Standard Hawaii Ill-Size 2.5"x60". Retail 81.5.95 Cat. No 3112-Deluxe Hawaii IV-Size 25"x48". Retail $17.2.5 Cat. No 3113-Deluxe Hawaii V-Size 25"x60". Retail $19.95 Cal. No 3114-Deluxe Hawaii VI-Size 25"x72". Retail $22.50 CONCESSIONAIRE SURF-RIDER BEACH FLOATS CONCESSIONAIRE SURF-RIDER BEACH FLOATS (with exclusive lock-type valve) These mattresses are constructed of extra heavy duty materials especially for rental purposes and have special double thickness protective corners guaranteed never to come apart will withstand the roughest handling in sand and water! These floats have remarkable abrasion resistance truly Tough As Elephant Hide! The Concessionaire lock-type valve can only be opened with special key furnished with each float! The choice of many leading skin divers! (colors: 2-tone royal blue and orange) . Cat. No. 3115 Concessionaire 1-Size 26"x50". Retail $22.50. Cat. No. 3116-Concessionaire II-Size 26"x72", Retail $29.95. "ROLL-A-LOG" For More Fun In The Water! A completely new and wonderful idea for water fun a new and safe water sport for everyone the entire family! Ideally suited for pool lakes, children's camps, etc.! Trying to ride the "Roll-A-Log" or to climb aboard will prove a "barrel of fun" for all ages! Cat. No. 3210-Size 79" long x JO" in diameter Retail $19.95. Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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