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1957 Float World's Finest Line Of Inflatable Rubberized Fabric Water Sports Products! "SEA HORSE" SKIN DIVER'S FLOAT Healthways leads the field again with this exclusive patented skin diver's float created by Healthways Research and Development team! The exclusive "Sea Horse" design provides the skin diver with a floating base for all his equipment, and a comfortable float! New design allows efficient use of swimming fins and at the same time permits diver to see underwater! Has 22 grommets through which a high test polyethylene rope is attached. The "Sea Horse" is sturdy enough to be towed by a boat, with diver and full equipment aboard! Designed and tested by professionals for professionals the "Sea Horse" has been approved by leading skin divers they all agree it's the ultimate in a skin diver's float! Cat. No. 3125-Size 30"x68" Color: royal blue and red. Retail $22.50 PICCOLO Capsize-proof small size boat float life raft shaped with separate inflatable oversize outer air chamber. Separately inflatable center section provides greater comfort and adds to safety factor. A natural for skin divers as a floating base. There's nothing in the field like it! Amazing low price! Cat. No. 32OJ-Size 29" wide x 52" long x 6" deep. Color: red. Retail $10.95 ADRIA Capsize-proof large size boatfloat. Same individual outside and inside inflation chambers as Piccolo. Non-corrosive metal grommets along entire outer edge make the Adria an unusually fine all-purpose boatfloat! Grommets permit attaching ropes or tying together two Adrias to make a popular "twin boatfloat". Excellent safety raft, single or double! Also popular with skin divers who want a larger floating base for storing equipment used by participants in National A.A. U. 1956 Skin Diving Championship Finals. A big piece of quality equipment that's priced right another Healthways special! Cat. No. 3202-Size 44" wide x 84" long x JO" deep. Color red and blue. Retail $29.95 "AIR-FLOAT" CAMERA AND UTILITY BAG At last a truly waterproof camera and utility bag! A Healthways first! Ingenious inflation and sealing features never before achieved gives positive waterproof seal and perfect buoyancy! Air tight feature makes this unique product dirt, dust and weather-proof an ideal floating carrying case for all valuables for the camera fan, outdoor sportsman and water snorts enthusiast! Popular priced ! Cat. No. 3501-Size 9~" x 12". Color: forest green. Retail $3.50 "AIR-FLOAT" CLOTHES BAG Another Healthways first! Combines all outstanding features of the "Air-Float" Camera and Utility Bag, plus increased size makes this another natural for the campers, boating enthusiasts and outdoor sportsmen! Cat. No. 3502-Size 14" x 22". Color: forest green. Retail $5.95 "AIR-FLOAT" ACCORDIAN PUMP Tried and proven European design has remarkable air output! Lightweight, compact, trouble-free no working parts to go out of adjustment nothing to corrode or impair efficiency. Plug and screw-type valves. New non-return inflation valve combined with other ingenious features makes the "Air-Float" Accordion Pump an outstanding product. Ideal for carrying or storage where space is important. Priced right! Cat. No. 3901. Retail $3.50 "AIR-FLOAT" HI-VOLUME PUMP For years a popular tried and proven design! An all-metal standard inflation air pump with high air output! Screw-type nozzle fits any standard thread valve ... can also be used for plug type valves. Gives maximum air output with minimum effort! This type is used by everyone everywhere! Cat. No. 3905. Retail $4.95 REAIR KIT Includes patches, sandpaper and cement for quick on-the-spot repairs when necessary. Cat. No. 3903. Retail $ .50 See your local dealer or write. for Healthways' complete underwater sports catalog which includes full descriptions and details on all of Healthways' "Air-Float" inflatable water sports and camping products. Dealer and Jobber Inquiries Solicited Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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