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1957 INCOMPARABLE FEATURES: Gives effortless breathing regardless of position of the diver! Exclusive pressure-compensated exhaling valve assures effortless equalized exhalation in any position absolutely no leakage or loss of air regardless of position! You need no longer lose as much as 10 minutes of your precious air supply as with other regulators with the SCUBA the air supply in every tank is fully utilized! Foolproof depth-compensated automatic positive air reserve engineered into the regulator itself nothing to adjust nothing to regulate no special expensive reserve valves needed on each tank! Exclusive amazing Crushproof Air-Flo hoses and the famous Hope-Page Non-Return valve! Only the SCUBA has stainless steel aircraft-type hose clamps makes hoses last longer! All internal moving parts are stainless steel monel or high quality chromed brass no possibility of corrosion, electrolysis, or other chemical action! SCUBA regulator case is made of highest quality 40-gauge brass. Case clamp is stainless steel! Yoke and yoke screw are forgings! Satin chrome finish gives the SCUBA a look of unexcelled quality and distinction! Regulator diaphragm is made of nylon impregnated with neoprene a combination that is unbelievably tough yet has amazing flexibility for smoothest function ever! Newly engineered precision intake valve design reduces air turbulence gives smoothest, easiest breathing ever air responds on slightest demand! New SCUBA harness, with quick release safety buckles, is comfortable, easy to adjust new extra wide shoulder straps reduce chafing gives entire unit better balance! Healthways' SCUBA is backed by a sensational one-year factory warranty and unequaled lifetime service policy! Complete warranty card on all details accompany each unit. Healthways' SCUBA is the ultimate in simplicity has minimum number of moving parts! This insures trouble-free function, minimum maintenance! Healthways' SCUBA incorporates every deluxe feature that money can buy, to give it ruggedness, strength and durability to out-perform, outlast any regulator ever made! Healthways SCUBA complete with tank and harness (filled with compressed air unless otherwise specified). Cat. No. 1612 retail $99.95 And sports diving equipment! Sold by leading sporting goods dealers everywhere! Jobber and Dealer inquiries solicited Full information and free catalog available on request.
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