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1957 Healthways "First In Water Sports" Leads the field again! Proudly presents the world's finest air lung! It's here at last the newest the best! Incorporates all the experience, technical know-how and scientific engineering accumulated since the first compressed air lung! As in everything else, progress has finally caught up with the manufacturers of air lungs!!! Healthways' SCUBA conceived, developed, perfected and produced in America is once again proof positive that American ingenuity, know-how and precision mass production methods are an unbeatable combination! Under our system of free enterprise everyone has the opportunity to make something better than the competition! Now Healthways has done it again! Healthways' sensational new SCUBA makes early model air lungs, which have served their purpose well ... now as obsolete. as the old Model T Ford! These first air lungs, which are still manufactured and widely advertised with much ado, have now worn thin their main claims to fame! The world's finest scientific engineering and technical skill have been utilized to make Healthways' SCUBA the safest, most foolproof self-contained underwater breathing apparatus ever made! Healthways' SCUBA proves conclusively that the two-stage regulator of today, with its innumerable components and unnecessarily complicated internal design are outmoded and belong to the past! They do not breathe as easy nor do they afford a greater margin of safety, but do in truth create a greater maintenance and servicing problem and greater initial cost! Any questions or answers with respect to who pioneers, does research, develops and mass-produces in the underwater sports field .. can be fully answered by the over 14,000 dealers in the United States alone who actively merchandise and sell Healthways products, "First In Water Sports" the world's finest, most complete line! Healthways and the underwater sports world gratefully acknowledge the genius and skill of Sam Lecocq, Healthways own research engineer for underwater breathing apparatus, for the years of concentrated effort he has poured into the invention and creation of Healthways' SCUBA truly an engineering marvel Healthways equipment is tested and proved under most rigid professional requirements by Healthways Underwater Research and Development organization, as well as other qualified experts, aboard the famous SCUBA, America's finest professional skin diving craft, which anchors in the Los Angeles Harbor. Unbelievably low priced so that everyone can now own the best Healthways' SCUBA! Healthways SCUBA Regulator with positive automatic air reserve Can be used with any tank having standard K valve. cat. no. 1611 retail 3669 SEVENTH AVENUE lOS ANGEl~ 18. CALIfORNIA Regulator (sold separately) Healthways The Worlds Most Complete Line of WATER SPORTS AND SPORTS DIVING EQUIPMENT! Healthways LA California Philadelphia Pennsylvania 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18 California
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