Skin Diving History


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1958 Scuba diving "first class" Swimming Fins Cressi Rondine Deluxe Floating and Black Rubber, Web Feet, Water Dogs and others. Exposure Suits, Coronado and Carib, "Wet" and "Dry" type. Scuba Regulator, with built-in depth compensated air reserve. Diving Accessories, Submarine Liquid compass, Mako Shark Underwater Camera. Masks and Goggles, Panoramique wide angle, Espadon Cressi and others. Spear fishing guns, Espadon and Peche-Sport Arbaletes, Cressi Spear Guns. When you select Healthways products you can be assured of finer quality, superior design and better performance. Your Healthways dealer offers you the most complete line of underwater sports and sports diving equipment in the world. A top quality product to meet every need economically priced to fit every pocketbook. Go "first class" all the way insist on Healthways. Write for your NEW Healthways catalog showing the complete line of underwater sporting goods equipment. Healthways 3669 Seventh Avenue, Los Angeles 18 California.
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