Skin Diving History


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1959 The Compensator Sesimbra, Portugal August 31, 1958 World's Spear Fishing Championship 70 Athletes from 12 countries The Winner: Jules Corman, France Mask Used: The Compensator French Patents 17.971 & 6.187 & 18084 U.S. Pat. Pend. The Compensator, the first mask combining the best features of all masks created. The character and shape of the famous French masks the wide-angle vision of the Panoramique PLUS and easy, efficient system of hermetic nostril Stoppage the only efficient way of compensating water pressure. The Compensator a mask with all the features of the future. The Compensator No. 1223 Weight: 7 lb. doz Price $8.95 New From Healthways 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18, California
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