Skin Diving History


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1959 The new Cressi Rondine Fins Line U.S. Pat. No. 2,737,668 Distributed exclusively in the United States and Canada by Healthways The Genoa The Competition To the city of Genoa, birthplace of Columbus, where the Rondine fins were born, we dedicate the most popular model of the Cressi Rondine fin. Black Rondine Fins NO. 1330-Black Fins-No Strap- Size 5-7, Wt. 21 1bs. doz. pr. $7.95 pr. NO. 1331-Black Fins-No Strap- Size 7-9, Wt. 32 lbs. doz. pr. 7.95 pr. NO. 1334-Black Fins- Adj. Strap- Size 9-11, Wt. 35 lbs. doz. pr. 8.95 pr. NO. 1335-Black Fins- Adj. Strap- Size 11-13, Wt. 38 lbs. doz. pr. 8.95 pr. The added stiffness of the Rondine Competition model provides greater propulsion with fewer strokes. It permits the spear fisherman to get close to the fish faster, with a minimum of leg movement. It gives the Scuba diver maximum power and speed with slow motion, which helps regular breathing, thus preventing air waste. We wish to express our gratitude to Pat O'Malley, national champion for 1952, Athlete of the year for 1954, for suggesting the new type of Rondine fins, designed with spear fishing competition in mind. Cressi Competition Black Gigante Rondine Fins NO. 1357-Black Fins- Adj. Strap- Size 11-13, Wt. 44 lbs. doz. pr. $12.95 pro NO. 1358-Black Fins- Adj. Strap- Size 13-16, Wt. 45 lbs. doz. pr. 12.95 pro The Ostrica The Ostrica Jr. The Ostrica Bantam Proven for all-around use, the Ostrica offers a safety control strap, stainless steel band and tempered glass safety lens PLUS the new Cressi yellow safety color. NO. 1241-Wt. 8 lbs. doz. $4.95 Especially designed for women and the smaller face, the Ostrica Jr. offers all the features of the regular Ostrica including tempered glass safety lens and the new Cressi yellow safety color. NO. 1239-Wt. 8 lbs. doz. $2.95 The Ostrica quality and features are now available for the younger set. The Ostrica Bantam is designed especially for children and offers Cressi safety yellow color and tempered safety glass. NO. 1240-Wt. 6 lbs. doz. $1.95 WORLD'S MOST UNUSUAL SPORTING GOODS PRODUCTS
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