Skin Diving History


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1959 New Healthways products and there's more on the way TOLEDO CRESSI Sports Diving Knife Imported from Cressi, Italy, the Toledo is designed to fit the needs of every diver. NO. 1939 $4.50 RESERVED This space reserved for another "first" in the underwater diving lung field-watch for it from Healthways AQUASTAR Underwater Watch Imported from Jeanrichards, Geneva, Switzerland, the new Aqua Star underwater watch gives you the following features: Guaranteed to 1000 feet depth, bezel moving dial to record diving time; Luminous radium markings; Automatic winding, calendar window, 17 jewel Swiss movement. Incabloc, antimagnetic; Round waterproof all steel case, black "Tropic" straps. The modern design of the Aqua Star permits every day use. NO. 1945 $79.95 HAITI Professional Snorkel The choice of professional divers in both style and construction, the Haiti Snorkel is made of the finest quality rubber in yellow safety color. NO. 1432 $1.95 RESERVED This space reserved for a revolutionary new product in the "AirFloat." inflatable field-watch for it from Healthways Healthways offers you a complete line of sports diving equipment here are a few of the many Healthways products SCUBA AIR LUNG RUBBER EXPOSURE SUITS "AIR FLOAT" MATTRESSES SPEAR FISHING GUN SWIMMING FINS MASKS AND GOGGLES DIVING ACCESSORIES UNDERWATER CAMERAS Write for your copy of the new Healthways catalog showing the complete line of swim and skin diving, Air-Float Inflatable, Water Skiing, Exercising and Golf products. 3669 Seventh Avenue Los Angeles 18, California
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