Skin Diving History


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1959 MORDEM "SPECIAL" MEDIUM RIFLE $55.95 .38 CALIBER UNDERWATER JET SPEAR GUNS MEDIUM RIFLE - $39.95 WITH EXTENSION - $45.70 SHORT RIFLE $35.95 PISTOL $32.95 EASY TO OPERATE HIGH FIRING POWER COMPARATIVELY LOW COST FIRING POWER NOT AFFECTED BY DEPTH CAN BE TAKEN APART BY HAND EXTREME VERSATILITY - WITH A FEW EXTRA BARRELS YOU MAY HAVE THE EQUIVALENT OF 5 DIFFERENT GUNS UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR When you own a MORDEM, you have the best underwater speargun made. Fires up to 150 feet underwater. A choice of 3 waterproof .38 cartridges (or load your own) for any size fish from 4 to 400 Ib.1 Simply insert a cartridge in the end of your spear-cock your MORDEM like a regular bolt action rifle and drop the spear into the barrel-and you are ready for any underwater game with MORDEM "JET-ACTION" accuracy and penetration. Reload in seconds underwater-no straining against rubber bands or pushing a long spear against heavy springs, or hydraulic pressure. See your dealer or write for FREE catalog DEALERS' INQUIRIES INVITED INTERCAL SALES COMPANY IMPORTERS DISTRIBUTORS 332 NORTH CANON DR., BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA
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