Skin Diving History


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1959 UNIVERSAL CAMERA HOUSING $64.95 A strong cast aluminum case (0) ring seal. Pat. pending FITS 100 35mm CAMERAS Mr. Dealer-this one housing will take care of most inquiries. (NOT A KIT.) The camera will fasten in the case-all controls provided. GIANT AIR FLASKS 3500 lb. Operating Pressure 5500 lb. Hydro Test-shatterproof 2 ea. 48' x 20" A. O. Smith (wt. 7 ton ea.) $3850 ea. FOB 10 ea. 36' x 20" " ,( wt. 5 ton ea.)' 2550 ea. FOB Clean, surplus Submarine Air Storage Tanks -, Jumbo Air 'Rese'rve, underwater Boat, Hydr. Accum. "MAR-VEL" SCUBA RACKS All mahogany - put your cylinders away neatly on your boat or in your den. Single Bottle' Rack $13.95 Two Bottle Rack $16.95 Three Bottle Rack $19.95 At your Dealer" Price includes Varnished Rack and Hangers Cylinders held firmly in place WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS U. S. DIVERS SWIMASTER DESCO HEALTHWAYS FINS MASKS LUNGS SNORKELS, ETC. "MAR-VEL" WET SUITS & CAMERA CASES DACOR TOTES HOOK-FAST MARNEL SERVING DIVERS SINCE 1947 M&E Marine SuppLy Co. CAMDEN 1, NEW JERSEY Diving Specialists COMMERCIAL MILITARY SPORTS GEAR
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