Skin Diving History


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1959 "MARá VEL" CAMERA HOUSING Pat. Pending Strong Cast Aluminum Case Pressure tested to over 100 ft. "0" ring seals. Slightly buoyant. $84.95 AVAILABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING CAMERAS Ansco Memar Robot Sighet 35-40 Voightlander Prominent Century 35N Yashica-YL-YK-YF Taron Autosetaur Pentax Kalimar 133 Tower Minolta V-2, SR2, A-A2 Brumberger Agfa Canon V, IV-32, P Ricoh 300 Argus C-33, C-4 C-44 Kalimar 133 Aires 35 III-C Redaflex Olympus Petri 35 Leica M3, IIiG IIIF, IIF Nikon Regula Miranda Super Memar Mamiya Exec. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS U. S. DIVERS SWIMASTER DESCO HEALTHWAYS FINS MASKS LUNGS SNORKELS, ETC. "MAR-VEL" WET SUITS & CAMERA CASES DACOR TOTES HOOK-FAST MAR-VEL M&E Marine Supply Co. SERVING DIVERS SINCE 1947 CAMDEN 1. NEW JERSEY Diving Specialists Commercial Military Sports Gear
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