Skin Diving History


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1959 "Mar-Vel" At a Low $119.50! Designs A MOTION PICTURE CAMERA (8 mm or 16 mm) HOUSING Heavy cast aluminum lifetime case "0" Ring seals, adjustable handles, full view side window, polished %" plate glass front lens-lens shade camera mounts on cover for instant film servicing handle on cover-through case sighting-optional topsight tripod drilled-film wind and trigger standard, and you may use several cameras in this one case. Ask your favorite dealer to show it to you. 7" X 7" X 2" This case will take any 8 mm or 16 mm camera within the following sizes: 9" long, 51f," high, 4%" wide. Such as: B & H 200 EE, 200, 390TA, 393 E, 134, 172: Bolex B-8, G-8; Eumig, Brownie 8 mm.; Keystone KAIC, KAID K 20, - Wollensac 8 mm. Erec. Eye; Electra; Yashica; Nikor; Revere Model 4, 50; Bell-Air; Kodak K-l 00. 35 mm Still HOUSING $84.95 Fits 100 35- mm cameras M&E Marine SuppLy Co. Serving Divers SINCE 1947 CAMDEN 1. NEW JERSEY Diving Specialists COMMERCIAL MILITARY. SPORTS GEAR
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