Skin Diving History


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1956 New underwater air gauge makes lung diving safer! Now, with Mar-Mac's new SeAir Gauge, you can see how much air you have in your tank before you dive and at any time during your dive! Guard against diving with a doubtful air supply stop guessing how much air you have left underwater avoid tiring surface swims back with heavy, empty tanks. Install this new submersible, shockproofed, neoprene encased air gauge on your SCUBA and get more sport with safety out of your dives, These gauges are now being used by over 1000 lung divers from the Red Sea to the waters off Japan. Developed by lung divers for you so you can know when you've reached your "point of return" for proper decompression and safe return underwater to your "point of entry". Easily installed. Insert "O" ring assembly between medical valve and regulator, replacing Teflon washer. Saves cost of reserve valve on spare bottles. Dealer inquiries invited write for more information. Only $24.95. Unconditionally guaranteed for one year form date of purchase. Buy from your dealer or direct (postpaid) Mar-Mac Industries Mar-Mac Industries 0452 Ave., Hayward, California
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