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1956 SAVE AIR with SEAIR¨ LUNG DIVE WITH MORE CONFIDENCE with MAR-MAC'S new SCUBA air gauge THIS NEW GAUGE saves ail' because it allows you to use all your air. With it, you no longer need to guess ... to return with partially used tanks and pay again and again for full charges. You can dive safely with partially filled tanks, enjoy your dive, and let your gauge tell you when to return. With it, you can accurately gauge your air and save up to V3 the cost of refills. It will usually pay for itself in a season! Install this new gauge on your SCUBA and know how much air you have in your tank before you dive and at all times during your dive. With it, you can plan your dives safely while submerged. No more worrying about when to "start for' home. Like the gas gauge on your car, the SeAir Gauge continually shows you how much "fuel" you have left in your SCUBA. The unit includes water resistant, precision air gauge, pressure tested hose and an "0" ring assembly which fits between your medical valve and regulator. Replaces Teflon washer, saves cost of reserve valve on spare bottles. Easily installed. It has given more sport to lung diving because it gives assurance and peace of mind to the diver. With it, you know when you've reached your "point of return." On long, deep dives it helps you guard the air you need for proper decompression. The SeAir Gauge was developed by lung-diving engineers and is now in use by over 1000 SCUBA-users in waters all over the world. You can buy it with confidence - it is unconditionally guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. Price? Only $24.95 at your dealer's or direct, postpaid. DEALERS: If you are a recognized dealer with a sport diving department, write for special, introductory consignment plan. MAR-MAC INDUSTRIES 1453 REVERE AVENUE, HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA
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