Skin Diving History


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1956 MAR-MAC'S new scuba accessories MAR-MAC Safedive Buckles permit you to get in and out of your lung harness in seconds! One hand operated easy to install. Safedive Buckle Kit No. 1 fits 1 "-1 VB" web belts and lung harness. Safedive Buckle Kit No. 2 fits any 2" 21/2" web belt and popular cart- $1.6S ridge belts. Either kit MAR-MAC give you more sport with more safety! CHECK these advantages of the SeAir Gauge MORE SPORT. Because this gauge tells you continually how much air you have left, you can stay under longer with safety. No more surface swims back with heavy, empty tanks. MORE SAFETY. This gauge will prevent you from diving with an inadequate air supply. No more guessing. Permits you to properly decompress from long, deep dives. MORE ECONOMY. Pays for itself in a season or two because it saves air. BUY MAR-MAC skin diving accessories from your dealer or direct. Write for free catalog. Dealer Inquiries invited. INDUSTRIES MAR-MAC'S SeAir Gauge SHOWS YOU how much air you have in your tanks before you dive and during your dive. Now you can PLAN YOUR DIVES WHILE SUBMERGED! Easily installed, unconditionally guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. ONLY $24.9S Mar-Mac Industries 0452 Ave., Hayward, California
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