Skin Diving History


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1956 NEW UNDERWATER DEPENDABILITY FOR A ACTION - WISE DIVERS! MARK VII FACE MASK Special feather-edge design (see picture) offers greater comfort than ever before. Extremely durable because it's made of genuine Neoprene with double strength safety glass. Wide vision with a glove-like fit for all types of faces. $4.95 MARK VII FOOT LOADER Discover how much faster you can now load rubber powered guns .. and you'll not do without the Mark VII foot loader. Can be used on almost every' type of rubber powered gun $1.95 MARK VII SNORKEL Check this one for sure before you buy any. It's much safer, it clears exceptionally easy. The easy grip mouth piece is tops and every part including the mask strap clip is extra durable. All flexible parts are genuine Neoprene. $1.95 MARK VII SPEARGUN REEL This item is catching on like wild fire .. it works like a spinning reel when you fire. It swivels to one side for quick, very easy rewinding. Naturally it has typical Mark VII sturdiness and durability. Adaptable to every type of spear gun $5.95 Just out NEW MARK VII WEIGHT BELT! Extra quick release and double strength, double width (2") web. The weights snap on and can be released without unfastening belt. MARK VII C02 SPEARGUN New power and accuracy to make your spearfishing extra exciting. Each C02 cartridge holds about 40 shots and you can change cartridges quickly underwater. Gun comes equipped with standard line clips (A), the spin type reel (B) is extra. You'll like the handling, balance, & action of this gun .. $47.50. See These Great New Items at Your Dealers TODAY I For your Dealer's address, write: 112A West Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, California
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