Skin Diving History


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1955 New Northill Air-Lung At last A scientifically designed precision built air lung! Here is a new Air Lung that has been g designed by the company with more experience in the design and manufacture of air pressure regulators than any other in America AiResearch It is precision-built for safety, trouble-free durability and effortless swimming! Test units have operated perfectly over more than one mil/ion breathing cycles. It has been approved for use by the U.S. Navy. Before you buy any underwater breathing unit, make sure you see the Northill Air-Lung. It gives underwater swimming an entirely new ease and safety! See your sporting goods dealer! SOME FEATURES: 1 Can be disassembled, completely cleaned and put together again in 10 minutes! No adjustment or calibration necessary. Scientifically designed 3 way valve provides 1. Surface Position _ closes off breathing hoses to prevent flooding and conserve air supply while on surface. 2. Dive Position - permits air on demand for underwater swimming. 3. Intermediate Position _ enables you to expel accumulated Water by compressed air. Reserve air valve is depth compensated, giving you a greater reserve of air at greater depths and ample time to surface under all conditions. See the Northill Air-Lung at the Sportsmen's Show, Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles, from April 14 thru April 24, 1955. Northill Company, Inc. 9851 So. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 45 California a subsidiary of THE GARRETT CORPORATION
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