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1955 New Northill Air-Lung CHECK THESE SIX POINTS WHEN CHOOSING UNDERWATER BREATHING EQUIPMENT! V SCIENTIfIC DESIGN: The Northill Air-Lung has been designed by the world's foremost designers and manufacturers of air pressure controls, the AiResearch Manufacturing Company, a division of Northill's parent company, The Garrett Corporation. V PRECISION-BUILT REGULATOR: The regulator has the simplicity of a single stage unit, but its performance is superior to all other present-day regulators, two-stage or single. Breathes easier at any depth than any, other unit. V RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Every part of the Northill Air-Lung is strong and durable. There are no flimsy components. V SAfETY fEATURES: A foolproof regulator valve, a depth-compensated reserve air valve and a quick release harness make the Northill Air-Lung the world's safest unit. V SHUT -Off MOUTHPIECE VAL V,E: New design prevents flooding and removes the need for non-return valves. V EASE Of MAINTENANCE: The Air-Lung can be completely cleaned and put together again in ten minutes with only a screwdriver. No calibration is necessary. Approved and in use 'by the U.S. Navy. Check the features that count in an underwater breathing unit and you'll choose the Northill Air-Lung! Northill Company, Inc. 9851 5. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 45, California $-2 Mail this coupon for FREE brochure Northill Company, Inc. 9851 So. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 45 California a subsidiary of THE GARRETT CORPORATION I am interested in on underwater swimming unit. Please send me your free brochure on The AI R-LUNG. Name Street City Zone State
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