Skin Diving History


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1956 Efficient teamwork by Northill at Silver Springs, Florida Northill Air-Lung wins work" test! Every improvement in SCUBA* design is judged with special interest by the hardworking divers at Florida's famous Silver Springs. Their long hours "on location" make them expert critics. Their selection of the Northill Air-Lung, after careful study of all equipment available, is a wise choice to follow. In its design of the Air-Lung, Northill worked with another Garrett division - AiResearch. Manufacturer of cabin pressurizing equipment for almost every airline fleet in the world, AiResearch laboratories and engineers lead the field in air pressure controls. Their contribution to the fascinating underwater sport is an air lung that literally "breathes like a breeze." Below are listed just a few of its scientific improvements in design and construction: FREE brochure Precision-built regulator: The regulator has the simplicity of a single stage unit, but its performance is superior to all other present-day regulators, two-stage or single. Breathes easier, any depth, any position - than any other unit. Rugged construction: Every part of the Northill Air Lung is strong and durable - no flimsy components. 'SCUBA: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Safety features: A foolproof regulator valve, a depth compensated reserve air valve and a quick release harness make the Northill Air-Lung the world's safest. unit. Shut-off mouthpiece valve: Design prevents flooding and removes the need for non-return valves. Ease of maintenance: The Air-Lung can be completely cleaned and put together again in ten minutes with only a screwdriver. No calibration is necessary. Designed by the world leader in air pressure controls Used and approved by the U.S. Navy. Northill Company, Inc. 5-5 9851 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles 45, Calif. A subsidiary of THE GARRETT CORPORATION I am interested in an underwater swimming unit. Please send me your free brochure on the AIR-LUNG. Name Street City Zone State Northill Company, Inc. 9851 So. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 45 California a subsidiary of THE GARRETT CORPORATION
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