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1956 His breathing's engineered by the world's experts! If it breathes like a breeze" it's a Northill! When you take to the depths with a Northill Air-Lung, your breathing is scientifically "engineered" by the world's foremost experts in air and pressure controls. Associated with Northill in The Garrett Corporation is AiResearch - the pioneer and leader in aircraft pressurizing, pneumatic controls, airflow regulators, etc. Their compressed air facilities, their laboratories and their specialized skills are unsurpassed. In designing the Northill Air-Lung they have provided the underwater sportsman with the most advanced improvements in "SCUBA" construction to date. Below are a few of the outstanding advantages the Northill Air-Lung offers: Precision-built regulator: The regulator has the simplicity of a single stage unit, but its performance is superior to all other present-day regulators, two-stage or single. Breathes easier, any depth, any position - than any other unit. Rugged construction: Every part of the Northill Air Lung is strong and durable - no flimsy components. SCUBA Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Safety features: A foolproof regulator valve, a depth compensated reserve air valve and a quick release harness make the Northill Air-Lung the world's safest unit. Shut-off mouthpiece valve: Design prevents flooding and removes the need for non-return valves. Ease of maintenance: The Air-Lung can be completely cleaned and put together again in ten minutes with only a screwdriver. No calibration is necessary. Designed by the world leader in air pressure controls Used and approved by the U.S. Navy. Northill Air-Lungs are sold only through authorized jobber dealer channels - dealer and jobber inquiries invited. Watch for new underwater products coming soon Write for free sixteen page brochure Northill Company, Inc. 9851 So. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles 45 California a subsidiary of THE GARRETT CORPORATION
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