Skin Diving History


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1956 Northill Air-Lung stars in underwater movie Leigh Snowden being helped into her Northill Air-Lung by Gregg Palmer as Rex Reason, James Rawley and Jeff Morrow look on. Some of the most dramatic underwater scenes ever filmed appear in Universal-International's fine new picture. To simplify the many problems Northill Air-Lungs were used exclusively by actors and technicians. Northill SCUBAs provided maximum ease of breathing and freedom of action, particularly in the many situations and camera angles called for by the script. The New Model Northill Air-Lung gives you wonderful ease of breathing at all positions of the swimmer's body. Water accidentally entering the hoses may easily be purged by standard practice. Before you buy any underwater unit, be sure you try the Northill Air-Lung, easiest breathing SCUBA in the world! SEE THE NEW MODEL NORTHILL AIR-LUNG AT YOUR DEALER'S NOW! Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Sold only through authorized dealers ... dealer and jobber inquiries invited Designed by the world leader in air pressure controls - AiResearch, a division of The Garrett Corporation Northill Company, Inc. S-8 9225 South Aviation Boulevard, Los Angeles 45, Calif. Used and approved by the U.S. Navy I am interested in an underwater swimming unit. Please send me your free brochure on the AIR-LUNG. Name Street City Zone State
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