Skin Diving History


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1956 Famous Commercial diver Finds Many Applications for SCUBA Equipment self contained underwater breathing apparatus. R. Cross, salvage expert and author of "Self-Contained Diving for Fun and Profit," a new home study course in diving, leaves soon on round-the-world diving expedition with 12 Scubas and 2 helmet rigs aboard. NORTHILL AIR-LUNGS are the easiest-breathing Scubas" in the world and new uses are being developed for them week by week! They are used for salvage operations; for underwater repairs on boats; for marine photography, surveys and studies by oceanographers; for filming underwater scenes in motion pictures; for outboard motor and boat recovery; for unsnarling fouled anchors; for many other _ money-saving, time-saving applications. They surpass all other Scubas in ease of breathing, ruggedness of construction and safety features! Canadian representative: The Garrett Manufacturing Corporation of Canada, Ltd., Toronto, Ontario Sold only through authorized dealers ... dealer and jobber inquiries invited Designed by the world leader in air pressure controls - AiResearch, a division of The Garrett Corporation Used and approved by the U.S. Navy Northill Company, Inc. 5-9 9225 Aviation Boulevard, Los Angeles 45, Calif. I am interested in an underwater swimming unit. Please send me your free brochure on the AIR-LUNG. Name Street City Zone State
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