Skin Diving History


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1956 Easiest breathing SCUBA in the world! Zale Parry - diving star of "Kingdom of the Sea" (TV series) NEW Model- NORTH III AIR-lUNG New refinements to the scientifically engineered Northill Air-Lung make it more than ever the best underwater swimming equipment you can buy! Only the Northill gives you a regulator valve machined from solid brass. This valve includes a simplified hose purging mechanism and a built-in depth-compensated reserve air valve. Fail-safe design insures continuous airflow ... no additional non-return valve required - hoses may be purged by standard practice. It breathes easier, any depth or position, than any other regulator valve. Ease of maintenance: No calibration or special tools necessary. Can be cleaned and reassembled in less than 10 minutes. Sold only through authorized dealers. dealer and jobber inquiries invited Designed by the world leader in air pressure controls - AiResearch, a division of The Garrett Corporation Used and approved by the U.S. Navy Other Features FREE brochure Rugged construction: Every part of the Northill Air-Lung is strong and durable, with no flimsy components. It has a tasteless, odorless white neoprene mouthpiece and salt water and sun resistant neoprene hoses. Safety features: An air reserve that always gives a diver a minimum of 300 P.S.1. regardless of depth and a newly designed, simplified quick-release harness make the Northill Air-Lung more than ever the world's safest unit. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Northill Company, Inc. 5-7 9225 South Aviation Boulevard, Los Angeles 45, Calif. A subsidiary of The GARRETT CORPORATION I am interested in an underwater swimming unit. Please send me your free brochure on the AIR-LUNG. Name Street City Zone State
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