Skin Diving History


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1956 The New Penguin Suit $46.50 The Original and Exclusive Pocket Entry Dry Suit CONSTRUCTED with .035 gauge, two ply pure gum rubber 8% neoprene, red on black. The suits are full length with hood (optional), seamless moulded boots (with scuff soles). Reinforced intersections and Fused Tapered Seams, insuring absolute water tightness. Positive sealing pocket entry allows easy entrance and removal without assistance. Your exact measurements are required, allowances for underclothing are taken into consideration in manufacturing. All workmanship, materials, and complete satisfaction, guaranteed 100%. Made and designed by experts with over six years' experience in exposure suit manufacturing. Choice of Outside Color, Black or Red Small, Medium, Large and Custom Sizes At Your Dealers or Inquire Direct Designed and Created by CHRIS NEWCOMB P-l Penguin, Inc. 6162 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach 5, California Phone: GArfield 2-2612
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