Skin Diving History


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1956 Penguin Suits AMERICA'S FINEST Your exact measurements are required. allowances for underclothing are taken into consideration in manufacturing. All workmanship, materials, and complete satisfaction, guaranteed 100 %. Made and designed by experts with over six years' experience in exposure suit manufacturing. Choice of Outside Color, Black or Red. Small, Medium, Large and Custom Sizes. PW-l Constructed with 1/8 neoprene foam rubber. Suits are one piece full length with hood (PW-l). Two piece (PW-2). Reinforced seams and intersections. Arms, legs, front entry zipper $49.50 P.I. Pat. Pnd. The Original and Exclusive Pocket Entry Dry Suit. Constructed with .035 gauge, two ply pure gum rubber 10% neoprene, red on black. The suits are full length with hood (optional) seamless moulded boots (with scuff soles). Reinforced intersections and Fused Tapered Seams $46.50 For water tight relief, pocket on pants, add $4.00. At Your Dealers or Inquire Direct Penguin, Inc. 6162 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach 5, California Phone: GArfield 2-2612 SKIN DIVING STORE Wet & Dry Suits, Custom or Kit Lungs - Fins - Masks - Guns C02 - Air Refills - Pool Instruction. 28' "Penguin I" and 22' "Penguin II" Fast Utility - Catalina trips weekly. Water Ski Equipment Store Hours 9 to 7 - Closed Sunday
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