Skin Diving History


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1959 Penguin Suits AMERICA'S FINEST NEW PRICES ON ALL SUITS Now Only $47.50 1/8" (skin one side) and $59.50 3/16" (skin both sides) The PW-2 Two-piece Wet Suit comes with Shirt, Pants and Hood. CHECK THESE FEATURES Custom tailored to individual measurements Closed cell foam neoprene rubber Positive buoyancy for safety Reinforced seams with stripping Nylon zippers in sleeves, legs and jacket for easier entrance-thus longer wear All workmanship & materials guaranteed 100 % Send for FREE Brochure No. SD-9 SKIN AND SCU8A CLASSES BY CERTIFIED COUNTY INSTRUCTORS. COMPLETE LINE OF DIVING EQUIPMENT AIR REFILLS - RENTALS Penguin, Inc. 6162 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach 5, California Phone: GArfield 2-2612
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