Skin Diving History


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1955 Available Now! The SPEARFISHERMAN FULL LENGTH Seamless - Pure Gum Rubber SKIN DIVING SUIT "The first machine made skin diving suit in the world. The Spearfisherman Full Suit includes all the outstanding features that has made the Seamless Shortie such a hit. No seams to rip, tear or crack! Large (pleated) neck entry chute! Made of Pure Gum Latex Rubber, tough, rugged, lightweight! 800% stretchability - made like a surgeon's glove! Easy to get into! Outlasts two ordinary suits! This is a one-piece full suit - full length - including HOOD, Full Length ARMS, and Full Length LEGS. The perfect suit for cold water or deep water diving. The revolutionary Machine Method of fabricating this full length suit guarantees a perfect seal fit, no rough edges, 100% waterproof - selling at a price every diver can afford FULL SUIT Full length legs with feet full length arms . $54.95 FULL SUIT Full length legs with feet - biceps seal short arms $39.95 SHORTIE Thigh seal short legs - biceps seal short arms $24.95 Two Sixes: Large and Small. Send your measurements with order. DEALERS: This is a hot item. Please Inquire! SPEARFISHERMAN 7521 CLAY STREET HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA
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