Skin Diving History


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1956 SEAMLESS FULL SUIT No more seams No more glue No more patchwork! for years makeshift patchwork suits of rubber hospital sheeting and tire patching have been the sole means of a skin diver's cold protection DON'T GO GLUED TOGETHER "GO SPEARFISHERMAN!" The revolutionary machine method of moulding, forms the rubber into perfectly shaped and seamless suit. 100 % waterproof! 800 % stretchable! Easy to get into! Outlasts 2 ordinary suits! EXTRA LOW 1956 PRICES FULL SUIT $39.95 Small- Medium'- Large. (Full length legs with feet, full length arms.) SHORTIE $19.95 Regular - Large. (Thigh seal short legs, biceps seal short arms.) DOZENS 'OF BLEMISHED AND SLIGHTLY IMPERFECTS AT EVEN LOWER COSTS NOTE: Insist on the genuine Spearfisherman Suit -if your dealer cannot supply you, order factory direct. Send for FREE catalog Spearfisherman 7521 Clay Street Huntington Beach, California
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